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How to save money with Solymar Direct Health

Same-day and same-week appointments means you can skip urgent care visits and expenses. We take care all your urgent care needs, as part of your membership with us.


By spending more time with your doctor and focusing on preventative medicine you reduce your risk of developing complicated health conditions and as a result, the need to spend money on hospitalizations, medications and specialists.

Exclusive partnerships with labs, imaging centers and medication dispensers make it so that their services cost up to 90% less for you than anybody else. Most of the time the rate you get with us for those services is even cheaper than the rate your insurance company will give you.


Because you can get the majority of your health care needs meth through your membership with SOLYMAR Direct Health, you can purchase a cheaper insurance plan for true health emergencies versus every-day health expenses. Learn more about cheaper insurance options here.


You can get a tax break by using your HSA to pay for your membership. Learn more about using your HSA account as a payment method.

Membership Options


Age 15-25


Age 26+





For 1 couple and up to three children (children must be 15 +)

Membership Services

  • Executive Annual Physical*
  • In depth wellness evaluation

  • Same or next day visits
  • In-house lab draw*
  • In-house medication dispensing
  • Discounted Imaging*
  • Unlimited Access and visits via in person appointments, text, email, audio or video, no matter where you are.
  • Chronic Disease Management
    (eg: diabetes, hypertension, IBS, Thyroid disorders, etc.)
  • Medication Review
  • Urgent Care: Respiratory infections, minor lacerations, minor procedures, etc.
  • Contraceptive Management
  • Specialist referral coordination and follow up.
  • Vaccines
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Work notes
  • Well visits
  • Sports Physical
  • College entrance exam
  • Out of school notes

* Some services may require an extra fee

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For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can get the primary experience you deserve.


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